AusGEMCO PTY LTD is a company with the objective to provide consultancy for groundwater, environmental, mining and energy sectors in Australia and overseas in the areas of hydrogeology, engineering geology, mining engineering, reservoir engineering, hydro-geochemistry, hydrodynamics and environmental engineering.

AusGEMCO’s scope of services includes expert assessments and feasibility studies of water resources, groundwater, geothermal water, oil and gas reservoirs, groundwater impact on underground coal gasification, CO2 sequestration, dewatering in open pit and underground mining, rock slope stability, risk analysis and mitigation, and environmental protection. A special emphasis in the company’s services is placed on the development of highly adequate models with the implementation of powerful numerical and stochastic methods, which is a precondition for achieving accurate forecasts and significant improvement of the economic efficiency of the technological processes.

Our Vision

To create value for the customers of various geographies through the development and execution of advanced technological solutions.


Our Value

AusGEMCO’s aim is to meet the quality expectations of the customers, industries and societies. We are committed to:

  • Care for the working environment
  • Honesty in all our activities
  • Fairness and transparency in all our business dealings
  • Respect for all customers regardless of their ethnicity, religion or gender