• Groundwater resource assessment and modelling
  • Development and management of groundwater monitoring program
  • Depressurisation and dewatering of mining areas
  • Contaminated site assessment and remediation
  • Environmental Impact Assessments and management plans
  • Groundwater flow, fate and contaminant transport numerical modelling in homogeneous and heterogeneous media
  • Modelling and management of interaction between surface water and groundwater
  • Aquifer storage and recovery (ASR), management of aquifer¬†recharge (MAR)¬†and wastewater reuse
  • Sea water intrusion management and modeling
  • Salinity assessment, management and remediation
  • Hydrogeological mapping
  • GIS
  • Risk assessment of mining projects including geological, hydrogeological, mining, economic, geotechnical and environmental risks as sub-models of project risk
  • Engineering geology, geomechanics and soil mechanics
  • Slope stability
  • Applications of Partial Differential Equations for solving groundwater and reservoir engineering problems
  • Applications of Stochastic Differential Equations and Geostatistics for solving groundwater and reservoir engineering problems in heterogeneous media
  • Project Management